About CBD

The marijuana industry has been garnering a lot of attention over the last few years. Many people are
familiar with the THC side of the plant, which creates the psychoactive effects, but are unfamiliar with the CBD side.

Cannibinoids, or more commonly refered to as “CBD”, has been credited with the majority of
the health benefits associated with the marijuana plant. CBD is harvested from industrial hemp. After
harvest, the THC is removed from the plant leaving only CBD. At this point people are no longer using
this for its psychoactive properties, but rather the myriad of health benefits CBD has to offer.
Cannibinoids are naturally produced in the body and help communication between different receptors.
CBD has been shown to be effective in helping these receptors in a beneficial way. Recent studies show
CBD greatly reduces chronic pain and inflamation. It is also effective against withdrawal symptoms from addictive chemicals. It has even been approved to treat certain types of seizures. There are many other uses for CBD that are still being studied.

We carry a variety of CBD products: oils, capsules, lotions, salves, gels, bath bombs and more.

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