FDA Regulation Impending!

From Innokin Mailout:

We are writing to you today to ask for your support in the current ‘FDA – Deeming Regulations’ decision making process which is currently happening in America; the FDA is going to decide on the future of vaping and then strongly enforce their decision.

As you may know the FDA are collecting public comments from manufacturers, vendors and end-users so that they better understand all aspects of Advanced Personal Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes and can make an informed decision about the future of vaping in America. The comment period will end on August 8th, 2014 after which the FDA will consider comments, discuss and meet and then reach a decision about regulations.

As you may know the FDA recently published its proposed “Deeming Regulations” which proposes to regulate e-cigarettes and personal vaporizers as regulated tobacco products under the Tobacco Control Act in the United States. The FDA is saying that vaporizers are tobacco products which function in the same way and with potentially the same amount of harm as traditional cigarettes and tobacco products. If the FDA applies the same rules to our products as it does to tobacco products like cigarettes, this will destroy our vaping industry in America and have a huge negative effect on vaping around the world!

If the FDA decides to regulate vaporizers the same way as cigarettes & tobacco products it will become practically impossible for vaporizer companies to comply with the many burdensome requirements that currently apply to harmful tobacco products. FDA premarket authorization requirements alone will be extremely expensive and it will become difficult for vaporizer products to remain and develop on the U.S. market long term.

We hope that vapers like yourself support the continued development of vaporizer technology and we all hope for responsible regulations that promote safety and health for the betterment of society.

To have your voice heard you must submit your comment. Your comment will make a difference. If you are a vendor please submit a comment on behalf of your business and then share this important information with your customers through social media and at your stores.

Comment Info:http://www.regulations.gov/index.jsp#%21documentDetail;D=FDA-2014-N-0189-20870

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