Why is my Tank gurgling/leaking

You probably have a flooded coil.  This could be caused by a few things including:

  • A missing seal/o-ring on the coil unit
  • Overfilling or getting juice down in the center tube of the tank
  • An old worn out coil unit.

Try cleaning out your tank/cartomizer and wiping off the coil.  You can also take the coil out and blow on one end to push the flooded juice out.  If the problem continues, first replace the coil.  If that doesn’t fix the problem, you may have a crack in the center tube of your tank and it will need to be replaced.

Why won’t my battery/mod charge?

Common reasons might be:

  • The USB charger port has come loose or disconnected.
  • The battery and charger and not making proper contact when connected
  • The charger has a short

In these situations it may be best to just replace the battery because they are very difficult to fix.

How do you turn an electronic cigarette on/off?

The majority of units turn on and off with five quick clicks of the fire button.

How long should my coil last?

This varies between brand and type of coil. Wattage, usage, and the type of e-liquid all play a role. It could be any where from a few days to weeks.  You should typically replace the coil when any of the following happen.

  • It starts leaking/gurgling regularly for no other reason
  • The cotton has become black and nasty
  • You are getting less flavor and/or vapor from each hit.

How long do the batteries last?

Once again this varies with usage. Most batteries typically last around six months to a year.

Are 18650 lithium batteries safe?

Lithium batteries are safe when used in the proper manner. You should avoid overloading the battery. To avoid this you need to make sure your battery has the proper amperage range for the wattage you are producing. Never get the battery wet and replace when protective cover begins to peel.  Also, never create a short by causing the battery ends to come in contact with metal objects.  This can cause the battery to heat up very quickly.  Always use a protective case; never carry loose batteries!

What wattage should I run?

This depends on the type of coil and vapor production you desire. Most coils have an optimal wattage range written on them.

If you have further questions feel free to contact us or stop in our store. We would be more than happy to assist you!







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